ZAMP portable Solor Panel

ZAMP Portable Solar Panels

ZAMP SOLAR Panels are ideal for people on the go in an RV or for emergency preparedness. Affordable solar panels are more efficient because they can be pointed directly at the sun for maximum power generation. ... More >

Battery Technology Primer

Our Research has shown that each application can best be served by different battery chemistries. When it come to cost and availability let us help you make the best choice. ... More >

A large selction of batteries to choose

CLICK HERE TO SEE OUR COMPLETE LINE-CARD. We also stock sealed lead acid, alkaline, lithium, Ni-cad, and nickel metal hydride batteries of all major manufacturers. If we have it in stock we will ship it the same business day. Call us to check stock.

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Five decades of battery experience

We have developed custom batteries for instrumentation, security, medical, UPS, backup power systems, emergency lighting, radio controlled craft - RC, recreation, space, aerospace, computer, portable tools and recreation markets. What is your new idea let us help you get started.

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Custom and engineered batteries

We are battery specialists and engineer custom battery assemblies for OEMs. We've supplied custom battery assemblies to manufacturer specifications for over 37 years. Our reputation for standing behind what we deliver has only grown over the years.

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Quality and service delievered every day

The Power Source creates customers for life. Look to us for outstanding technical assistance, customer service, and fast turnaround on custom and stocked orders. Please call us to discuss you battery needs today. SEE OUR LINE CARD

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Security Systems

Medical Equipment

Emergency Responce

UPS Backup