Universal Power

Universal Power has been a leader in price and delivery for the past 15 years. We believe they are one of the most competitive Lead Acid Battery suppliers in the world. Their customer service and inventory make them a solid choice when it come to batteries. Please us for a quote or for advise on which product best fits your application.
  1. Price Leader 
  2. Delivery, we have three stocking locations Mountain View, Ca /Dallas, TX /Las Vegas,NV & Hapeville, GA.
  3. Excellent Quality ISO 9001 certified.
  4. Did I mention great pricing we will save you money give us a call.

Model/Part #

Nominal Voltage

Rated Capacity





UB1250 12V5Ah3.54in 2.76in3.98in
UB12500 12V50Ah7.72in 6.50in6.89in
UB12550 12V55Ah9.02in 5.43in8.27in
UB12750 12V75Ah10.24in 6.61in8.27in
UB1280 12V8Ah5.94in 2.56in3.70in
UB12350 12V35Ah7.68in 5.16in6.14in
UB12120 12V12Ah5.94in 3.88in4.00in
UB12180 12V18Ah7.13in 3.01in6.57in