Eagle-Picher Lithium

Eagle-Picher is the original producer of prismatic Li-SOCl2 cells, EaglePicher is truly an innovator in this chemistry. Li-SOCl2 batteries and cells have been in production at EaglePicher for over 25 years. Their line has expanded to include cylindrical cells from ½ AA to D sizes as well as wafer designs, which means the EaglePicher line of Li-SOCl2 cells can fit any application that calls for the long-life, low current drain characteristics of this chemistry. The applications that Li-SOCl2 cells power benefit from the high energy density offered by a 3.6-volt chemistry that can be packaged in a small space. Add the 15+ years of confirmed shelf life, a flat discharge curve and wide operating temperature range (-55C to +85C) make EaglePicher Li-SOCl2 cells the right choice when designing a new product or replacing an old one.
EaglePicher Keeper® cells and batteries power a wide variety of non-rechargeable applications. Developed for commercial applications after years of extensive high-reliability studies with the military, the cells have been added to the Keeper® commercial line. Each Keeper® chemistry has its own unique benefits and strategic fit in today's markets.
Lithium Thionyl Chloride (LiSOCl2) are available in several cell configurations that can be found only at EaglePicher We are the Oldest and largest stocking distributor. So when it come to price availability call us 650 960-0700

Model/Part #

Nominal Voltage

Rated Capacity





LTC-3PN 3.5V350 mah0.6in 0.65in0.265in
LTC-3PN-S2 3.5V350 mah0.65in 0.265in0.6in
LTC-3PN-S4 3.5V350 mah0.6in 0.265in0.65in
LTC-7PN 3.5V750 mah1in 0.65in0.25in
LTC-7PN-S2 3.5V750 mah0.65in 0.25in1in
LTC-7PN-S4 3.5V750 mah1in 0.7in0.26in
LTC-7P 3.5V750 mah1.2in 0.7in0.33in