Eve Energy North America

Lithium Primary Battery (non-rechargeable Lithium Battery)

EVE Energy Co., Ltd. is an expert and leader in developing and manufacturing of lithium battery, including lithium thionyl chloride (Li/SOCl2) cells, lithium manganese dioxide (Li/MnO2) cells, Lithium rechargeable cells, and can provide customized portable power source solutions. EVE has an experienced R&D team, with more than 20 years experience, many patents and advanced equipments. EVE continually develops new technology in battery design and production, and implements advanced management systems such as 5S, 6 Sigma, Lean Production and SPC. EVE has been ISO9001 certified, and also recognized by UL, UN, CE and CCC. Recently, EVE just acheived the ISO/TS 16949:2009.



We understand that time to market is key for our customers which equates to increased market share and revenue.  EVE offers a wide variety of services and  capabilities which provides solutions to meet stringent deadlines.

1 U.S. design  and support staff
     - Knowledgeable staffs with  20 plus years of battery experience and expertise for ease of     communication flow
2.  Broad product offering:
     - Lithium Based chemistries ranging from li-polymer to Lithium Primary batteries.
3.  Custom cell design:
    -  4.2V, 4.35V and 4.4V Anode materials technology for lithium polymer batteries
4.  Custom pack manufacturing:   
     -  Either use EVE cells or other brand name cells of choice
     -  Shrink wrap packs to fully encased plastic housings
5.  Electronic Printed Circuit Board Design and Manufacturing:
      -  Experienced with  safety circuit, fuel gauging to  battery management systems to integrated charging circuits.
6.  Full Turnkey Designs:
     -  With a broad engineering depth, EVE offers engineering capabilities from cell to pack design, electronic integration and mechanical design for plastic enclosures  
7.  In House Testing Capability
     - EVE has in house testing capability for both cells and custom packs to ensure they meet and pass agency certifications the first time.
     -  Performance Testing of cells or packs; Eve offers performance testing so you know how the cell or pack will perform in stringent temperature requirements.
8.  Shipping Logistics:
     -  Whether you manufacture offshore or from the states, we offer shipping from Columbus, OH or directly from our offshore facilities.